Saturday, November 24, 2012

Why I started This Blog

Well, lemme break i DOWN for ya:

  • I feel like I am ignored in real life
  • I AM ignored in real life
  • I've read blogs for suuuuuuuch a long time but I've never had the courage or guts or whatever to have one of my own derp
  • yah

So, I always got kind of jealous of the "blogger girls." Like the girls who would post pics about their exciting life and their exciting art and their  exciting opinions. So I mean, I have a tumblr, but that's me basically reposting stuff. And I have one specifically for art I make, but no one goes on it. So? What do I got to do? ITELLYAWHAT!!!! MAKE MY OWN BLOG WOOOT! I mean, there's no reason to be jealous of people who are trying to express themselves through a creative outlet-isn't that what I do everyday? So i have taken it one step further with these blogs of mine, yes. So be sure to look out for some 90's cartoons and art and writing and poetry and other things(and music and boys) that make me really, really, happy.

Friday, November 23, 2012

I Dream Of Harry Styles

OK ya'll. So, last night, I had a dream. More like a NIGHTMARE. But today, I will record all of the dreams I've had of Harry Styles IN ORDER:

    DREAM 1- I was at a part, and Harry and I THINK Niall was the boy he was with, anyway HARRY WAS CHECKING ME OUT
    DREAM 2- I married Harry Styles
    DREAM 3- Last night, I dreamed of Harry again. Only this time, I decided to flirt with him because FOR SOME ODD REASON we were not together. So there's this big celeb party with all of these celebs(like Taylor Swift FOR EXAMPLE), and Harry happens to be there. So I TAKE MY HAIR DOWN YA'LL and walk up to him wearing heels and I think a short skirt and a shirt of some kind and I poked him.

   ME: Poke!
   HARRY: ...
   ME: Don't you wanna poke back?
   HARRY: No
   ME: What!? WHY?!?!
   ME Don't you wanna flirt?

So, with all of these Harry Styles dreams in order, I can only conclude this:


Thursday, November 15, 2012

The One Direction Formula

One Direction is the number one boy band of  the USA. No, I am sorry. Of the world. But what EXACTLY makes this band NUMERO UNO?!? Lemme tell ya'll right here, right now!


  • Make 2 albums, realeasing the first US single of each said album as a catchy, heart-throbbing song that is titled with four and exactly four random words, like "What Makes You Beautiful," and "Live While We're Young," making teen girls across the nation and Earth transforming thoughtful song titles into acrononyms used on t-shirts and other merchandise, such as 'WMYB' and 'LWWY'
  • Have five attractive young lads from a foreign country where the accents are equally attractive sing into the camera and lock their eyes soulfully, making you want to throw up from the overwhelming attractiveness they display
  • Make each and every band member "unique" with "unique" sayings and "unique" catchphrases and  associated with "unique" items or animals such as cats and "unique" fears such as the fear of the common spoon
  • Make absolutely no front-man in the band, but play emphasis on the one who has the big hair and big smile and big muscles and is considered "the flirt," therefore tugging your heartstrings even more because said band member is so "romantic" and you just know that said band member is "romantic" even though you havve never met said band member
  • Play up the foreignness of these five band members, and play this point up well
  • Be sure that these five band membershave the most beautiful voices known to human-kind
  • Be sure that these five members are able to make teenage girls around the globe sell their souls to said five band members
 And there ya go! :)

Thing I Said

"See, that's the thing about having a weird face. It's so unique that it sticks to peoples' minds."

                             -Thing 1 of Something I Said